Disk Torque Dampers

From our Torque Dampers collection, Sugatsune’s disk torque dampers bring a smooth, premium look and feel to the performance of any hinged application.

Featuring Lapcon™ soft-close technology and a convenient, slim profile, these disk dampers add quality and safety wherever they are used, by preventing sudden movement or jerking as well as preventing slamming damage.

Disk-Type Dampers: An Elegant Soft-Close Solution

Our disk torque dampers use the principle of oil resistance. Each damper contains a high-viscosity oil layer sandwiched between two rotary disks. When turned, the friction created by the viscous oil supplies considerable “braking power”—i.e., damping torque. This mechanism supplies smooth, even torque in plentiful quantities.

Disk-type dampers have several advantages over other types of torque damping:

  • They have no limitation in their rotation angle, so the torque will be applied evenly. There is no dead zone of reduced or absent damping force.
  • The damping torque is available instantaneously, essentially meaning that the movement of the lid or panel is always fully damped.
  • The slim construction (in the height direction) is well-suited to applications where space is limited or you otherwise desire a discreet damper.

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Cycle-Tested for Durability

Our disk torque dampers are well-suited for residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional use. These dampers are cycle-tested for reliability. We test them both in the natural close case, typically in the high tens of thousands of cycles, as well as in the forced close case, typically in the low tens of thousands.

Depending on the frequency of usage, in most settings, this will translate to many years of excellent service. Durability is a top consideration in our damper hardware, as it is in all our other products.

Available by Special Order Only

Unlike many of our 6,000+ products, which are usually kept in stock, some of our disk torque dampers are available only by special order. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing you project 

Customizations Available

Our base models are available in various shapes and sizes, including unidirectional and bidirectional torque models, and different torque ratings.

However, in addition, we routinely manufacture unique disk torque dampers that serve the specific needs of our customers. If you can’t find the right disk damper to fit your application, our engineers are capable of designing a customized solution to meet your needs. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Bring More Value to Your Project with Sugatsune America

For 40 years, Sugatsune America has been proud to meet the needs of architects, project managers, and others who use our products to build outstanding work and home environments.

Like most hardware components, our disk torque dampers are often out of sight and out of mind. However, their exceptional performance adds an unmistakable degree of quality and control to the user experience of any hinged application where the damper is used. This makes our disk-type dampers an excellent value-adding inclusion in any project that anticipates an upscale user experience or a busy work environment.

To learn more, check out our Resources page or explore our Torque Dampers department.

Contact us to begin the special ordering process for our dampers or for any specific questions or custom order needs about our dampers or any other Sugatsune product.