Rotary Torque Dampers

From our comprehensive line up of Torque Dampers, these rotary dampers are made of high-quality material l and precision engineered for both durability and performance, designed for long service life and no hassles. They also add safety and longevity to sensitive components or moving parts, controlling movement preventing sudden motion that could cause injuries. 

Add quality to your end product and unlock more value for your end user, by introducing Lapcon by Sugatsune.

Rotary-Type Dampers: An Elegant Solution

Lapcon rotary torque dampers utilize the principle of fluid resistance to provide damping torque. As the lid or panel is pushed, lowered, or allowed to fall with gravity, a layer of high-viscosity, task-suited oil inside the damper generates friction. This acts like a brake, providing the damping torque that allows for smooth motion.

Different Models Available

We make a variety of rotary dampers, including different sizes and torque ratings, and models that provide damping in only one direction or in both directions. The viscosity of the oil is also adjustable, giving you access to different torque ratings with the same damper.

We also offer custom damper options. Let us know what you need, and our engineers can very likely make it happen.

For other Lapcon torque damper types, check out our Disk Dampers, Barrel Dampers, and Adjustable Vane Dampers.

Cycle-Tested for Proven Durability

Our rotary torque dampers are cycle-tested for durability, both for natural closings and forced closings. The result is hardware that will faithfully do the job for many years, even in difficult environments or heavy-use settings.

These rotary-type dampers are suitable for use in many different settings, including

  • Consumer electronics
  • Arm rests, glove boxes and other storage compartments in vehicles
  • Industrial equipment
  • Toy boxes
  • Tool Boxes
  • Storage compartments
  • Furniture

Use Them Where You Need Them

Our rotary dampers have a wide operating temperature range that covers virtually all indoor environments. Additionally, their high quality construction provides durability and some resilience to water exposure.

Come to Sugatsune for Hardware & Elevate Your Project

At Sugatsune, our first principle is always to add value to our customers’ development projects by creating hardware that delivers superior performance for the end user. It all starts with each individual component—always designed for functionality and durability first and foremost, good aesthetics, accessibility, ease of use, and ease of installation and maintenance.

From rotary dampers to complete sliding door systems, our catalog of over 6,000 architectural and industrial hardware components grows every year to meet the needs of architects, project managers, and others who rely on our hardware to more fully realize the potential of their projects.

We are AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and offer hardware for residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation settings, including in aviation. From bakeries to hospitals, commuter trains to yachts, Sugatsune America is proud to bring better hardware to the world.

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